Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Willful Ignorance

It gets scarier and scarier. The anti-scientific lobby is getting closer and closer in a lot of places (notably Kansas, in this article) to lifting intelligent design and creationism to at least equal standing with evolution in biology classes.

Biology is a science. We don't teach, in the context of science, convictions that are unfounded by evidence. If your theory of biology consists of, "Well, I just don't see how there can't be an intelligent designer," then I'm sorry, but you're not on the same footing as evolution. Evolution has taken observations and examples over years and formed hypotheses based on them. Are there holes? Sure, and they're looking to fill them, as they are little by little every day. But evolution is more than just a theory. It's a Theory. See the difference? A scientific Theory (see the Theory of Relativity, for example) is more than, say, a theory that a detective might have on a Law & Order episode. Theory is for all intents and purposes fact, in scientific terms.