Thursday, April 07, 2005

DeLay = Scumbag

It's all the liberal media's fault, says DeLay. The Times and the Post are just out to get him, and he hasn't done anything more wrong than anybody else in the Senate.

That's why he's facing criminal charges? That's why they were trying to change the House Ethics Committee rules to allow him to remain House Majority Leader while being indicted?

Sure, just par for the course in the Congress. So basically, what Tom DeLay's saying (by way of Roy Blunt, one of his chief supporters) is that we shouldn't be getting our panties in a bunch over him. We should be getting our panties in a bunch over him and 534 other criminals. Usually excuses are something that are offered up to exonerate the accused party. Instead, it looks like DeLay's just getting his cronies to try to bring everyone down to his level.

Then we'll just have to accept that Congress is a bunch of liars, thieves, and crooks, and do nothing about it. Wonderful.