Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I apologize to my readers for the lack of blogging recently. I don't know what it was, but I just wasn't inspired to write anything recently. I've been keeping track of the news and stuff, but nothing jumped out at me, really. It made me think that perhaps my ability to tolerate the bullshit that still somehow passes for "legitimate journalism" had reached critical mass.

Plenty of people have had plenty of things to say, for instance, about the Wilbanks case, so I don't have anything new to add. But it certainly points to a media hungry for tragedy when they're preemptively talking about ordering a lie detector test for the fiance, things like that.

I watched some of Bush's press conference the other day, and it was nothing special. It was nothing we didn't know he'd say. He took up the positions he'd already taken up before, and said stuff he's said before. But that having been said, it's the President of the United States, and networks were cutting him off in the middle for other programming. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't care less about The Apprentice, so I don't need NBC to cut off the President to show it.

I get most of my news online now, and I use my television to watch movies and play the occasional video game (I wish Donkey Konga 2 would come out sooner.....I'm such a dork). But to tell the truth, the blogosphere isn't all that much better. It can point you toward what stories are all the buzz, but then you've got 3,000 blogs all having to have their say about it. The Wilbanks story? Big buzz. But there's really nothing to be said about it, which you would have a hard time telling from the amount already written and "reported" on it. Look all over the liberal blogosphere and you'll see people outraged that ABC is giving commercial time to Focus on the Family when they didn't give it to the United Church of Christ. The UCC is very open and tolerant, and their message was deemed too controversial. Focus on the Family is founded by James Dobson, and their commercial will be peddling a message of Pavlovian conditioning of children to be obedient. Causing children physical pain every time they screw up will make them learn, for sure.

How do I know all that? Because I read it on about 10 different liberal blogs. I feel the same way, but at what point do you stop and say to yourself, "You know, I could write something on this, but it would be the same as what I just read"? The answer? In the political blogosphere, almost nobody says that to themselves.

So I'm at an impasse here. Either I become a hypocrite and just start blogging on news stories that I see on CNN and MSNBC again (maybe tempered by not reading so many blogs to color my opinion before the fact), or else maybe I take my time and write some reasoned, thoughtful essay-type pieces.

What do you think?