Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Strange comment...

Most of you won't see this, as it's on a post that's a few months old, so I figured it'd merit a post of its own. I just got a comment on my "Confederate Flag Prom Dress" post, and I'll post it here for your benefit:

Well pardon me but I think that this girl was causing no harm I meanif its
okay for guys and girls to wear there pants showing their buttcrack then she
should've been aloud to wear her dress. And also youdont know what the flag
stands for because if you did you would thinkthere was no harm in whaty she did.
So keep your DUMB PREJUDICEcomments to your self
By the way Im gonna have a rebel flag prom dress so comment aboutthat

I gave you a topic. Discuss.