Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tom DeLay Imploding

Boy, I'm not one to go around telling the other side how they should act, especially with how pissed off I get when I hear them doing it ("The Democrats should have picked Howard Dean, the candidate they really wanted." Thanks, Ann Coulter, for that amazing insight into the Democratic mind). But I'll make an exception this once and remind them that they need to drop Tom DeLay like a bad habit.

The dude went mad with power, and that's it. Plain and simple. He misappropriated all sorts of funds all over the place, misused federal agencies (using the FAA to track down Democratic Texas legislators trying to outrun the gerrymandering vote), and all sorts of other assorted crap. The latest is that his wife and daughter have been paid more than half a million dollars in campaign monies since 2001. Let's say it's exactly $500,000, split between the two of them over four years. That's $62,500 a year for each of them. After taxes, I'd think (though I'm not sure about that). That's a well-paying job.

Connecticut's former governor John Rowland just went to jail for crap like this. No wonder DeLay latched so hard onto the Schiavo case--to distract from his own scandals.