Monday, April 11, 2005

That bastard!

To what depths will this rapscallion not sink? What new mountains of depravity will he not scale?

Bill Clinton just announced that his foundation is donating $10 million to help treat children with AIDS in developing countries around the world.* Of all the sneaky, rotten, no-good.....Now he's willing to spend millions of dollars just to buy publicity. Schmuck.**


*If you didn't catch it already, I was kidding. I think that this is a wonderful thing, and that Clinton is to be commended for using his ex-presidency to good effect in recent months, with traveling to the parts of the world afflicted by the tsunami with Bush 41 to this. Congrats, Billy boy.

**The model for this faux anti-Clinton screed can be found at

UPDATE: I just wanted to tell y'all that I am aware that I used the word "screed" in two posts in a row. Deal with it.