Monday, April 11, 2005

Dr. James Dobson, Cleric

Further proving my point that higher education is no proof of intelligence, we have a radio clip from Dr. James Dobson. In it, he talks with Mark Levin, author of Men in Black, the inexplicable New York Times bestselling screed which charges that the Supreme Court is destroying our country.

Josh Marshall and Oliver Willis both cite Dobson's comparison of the black-robed Supreme Court to the white-robed Ku Klux Klan as the height of Dobson's insanity, but it's really just the easiest bullet point. If you've got the stomach, listen to the whole thing. It's about 26 minutes long, and it just gets more and more ridiculous.

For me, the height came when, after talking about Terri Schiavo and the execution of minors, Dobson and Levin agreed completely that history would bear out that granting "a constitutional right to homosexual sodomy" would prove to be one of the worst decisions our country ever made. They don't offer justification, they don't offer hypotheticals. They just go on to imply that since there's no explicit right to sodomy enumerated in the constitution, then nobody has that right.

It's insane to think how much influence these people have.