Friday, April 08, 2005

Way to go, CT

Connecticut is on its way to becoming, I think, the first state in the union to preemptively legislate in favor of homosexual civil unions.

That is to say, there are civil unions in Vermont, and gay marriages in Massachusetts, but those were brought to the fore by judicial action. Connecticut has taken an important step in following the legislative process to bring such rights to the people, rather than throwing together a hasty statewide popular vote on a constitutional amendment.

The bill now has to pass the Connecticut House and get signed by Republican governor Jodi Rell (who approves of civil unions, but would have preferred if the bill included language limiting "marriage" to one man and one woman), but it looks like it's on its way.

So Connecticut, I know that in the past our relationship has been rocky. I've said stuff behind your back about how boring you are, about how you didn't offer me anything to do in high school, and about how frustrating it was that you shut your liquor stores at nine o'clock. I even left you for a few other states. But I wanted you to know that I heard about you, and I'm very proud of you for this.