Friday, May 06, 2005


Now I don't follow the politics of all states, so I'm not positive that they're all doing incredibly important stuff, but if they're all bogged down with things as pointless as trying to make state agencies police the sexiness factor of high school cheerleaders, then I think we're in trouble.

I've seen a number of high school cheerleaders in my day, and even though I know I have a more liberal viewpoint about things like this, I didn't see anything too terribly wrong with what they were doing. Sure, sometimes things could get suggestive, especially as influenced by movies and pop music and Britney *%#$ing Spears, but I don't see where Texas gets off trying to make this a state issue.

I'm not a Texan, so I'm not proposing that I know better how to run Texas than do the Texans. But I just don't see how this thing is enforceable. Are they going to have TEA (Texas Education Agency) agents at every local sporting event where cheerleaders perform? I think that would probably tend to bloat the budget of the TEA to unacceptable levels. So what, then? Will the ability of individual school administrators to reprimand cheerleaders be constricted? Will a school's principal have to run to the TEA to get them to come down next week and tell Kaitlyn Jones that she shook it a little too hard and offended a mother in the crowd?

I understand what they're trying to do, but the way they did it makes it seem like a futile gesture at best; vulgar "moral" positioning at worst.