Tuesday, May 10, 2005


For those of you who didn't think it got more ridiculous than Rush Limbaugh, you evidently haven't read his brother, David Limbaugh. I love reading this guy's column, because it reads only slightly different than a parody of itself would read. Allow me to give you a couple of choice quotes:

At the risk of further provoking the brilliant George Will, I must say that the national Democratic Party's approach to Christians is analogous to an abusive husband in complete denial, seeking reconciliation when it suits his purposes, but otherwise engaged in a pattern of abuse.
I can't even really bring myself to comment on this one, because it's just ridiculous. It's perpetuating the whole "against people of faith" argument that the wonderful Dr. Frist brought to the fore, and it's ridiculous.
More troubling are the discrimination against Christians at the hands of the government – mainly the courts – and the consequent suppression of their religious liberty, and the scrubbing of Christianity from the public square, as if it were a contagious airborne disease.
I've addressed my thoughts on this one before, but I'll go back to them. There are a lot of things that I can think of that it would be harder to be than a Christian in America. I think Mr. Limbaugh ought to take a look at history if he wants to see actual examples of discrimination and persecution.

For liberals to woo Christian conservatives, they must stop the pattern of abuse and get on the right side of the Culture War. Pretending to do so just won't be enough.
The thing I love about this is its absolutism. Limbaugh pretends tolerance throughout the article, and then at the end, he declares that his side is "the right side."

Ridiculous, I say again.