Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ben Folds

And now, a rare non-political post. If you are reading this and you're not familiar with Ben Folds and his music, then do yourself a favor and get out there and get some. Go buy a CD at Best Buy, or download some stuff on iTunes, whatever you want to do. He's got three albums and three EPs (Albums: Rockin' the Suburbs, Ben Folds Live, Songs for Silverman; EPs: Speed Graphic, Sunny 16, Super D), and he's got four albums with his group Ben Folds Five, which broke up in 1999 (Ben Folds Five, Whatever and Ever Amen, Naked Baby Photos, The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner).

The man's truly one of the most talented singer/songwriters out there today. I saw him on his Ben Folds Live tour in April, 2003, and it was the most amazing concert I've ever been to. It was just one guy and a piano on stage for two full hours, and there was more energy there than I've seen with full bands and pyrotechnics and all that jazz.

So do yourself a favor and get familiar with him if you're not already.