Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Oh well

So much for my hopes of seeing the President. Here's the article explaining why.

Bush is coming to Westfield, NJ, on Friday, two towns over from mine, and I have Friday off. He's coming to talk about his Social Security plan. Now I didn't plan on causing trouble, of course, because I didn't feel like getting arrested, and also because the man's technically my boss. I figured that those two things combined would be enough to keep me from doing anything. But I did figure it would be quite valuable to go and see what the whole thing was about, see what he had to say (not in a "maybe he's got a point" way, just more in a "hearing the rhetoric" way).

But alas, "town hall meeting" doesn't really mean "town hall meeting," at least not when you've got this joker in town. The invites are mostly being given out to special supporters directly by the White House, and the scant few given to the district to distribute are being given to supporters, says Representative Ferguson, because they'd be the ones interested in hearing Bush's plan. They only want "constructive criticism."

Not actual criticism.