Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lebanon again

Lordy, I hope this isn't a harbinger. Much as I opposed Bush's war in Iraq, and much as I oppose his taking credit for the upheaval in Lebanon, I think that it's a good thing that the Lebanese were taking steps to get out from under the Syrians.

But now the old, fiercely pro-Syrian prime minister of Lebanon has been reappointed by Assad after a 10-day absence.

While I think that the initial reaction of the pro-Syrian government was to quit, I'm afraid that they're getting bolder, realizing after the last few days that they've got a lot of support (as evidenced by the half-million attended rally). They may also have concluded that there's nothing that the US will realistically be able to do to them, tied up as the US army is in Iraq.

I just hope that they're realistic about changing things for the better there, and that things don't go back to business as usual.