Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Best of the Fargus Report!

This is a cheap post, but I don't really care. Before my readership had catapulted up all the way to 40 people a day, 35 of which came here by accident while looking for porn, I had some pretty good posts. I'm going to put up links to what I felt were my best, both in this post and on the sidebar, so that you'll always have access to them.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire - Still one my favorite pieces of television ever. The post deals with the insularity of the pundidtocracy, and Jon Stewart's calling them out.

Patriotism - What makes one person a better American than another? Blind adherence or the ability to realize what we need to work on and the desire to become the best we can be? Is there any such thing as being a better American as somebody else?

Curiouser and Curiouser - This post is poorly titled, and I apologize. It deals with the difference in views between liberals and conservatives as to where the country is moving and where the country should move.

Abortion - This is a pretty short post. I put it up here because it's got a pretty well-researched refutation of the supposed "abortion-breast cancer link" purported to exist by social conservatives.

Social Security Primer - This post takes its body from an e-mail I wrote to a Social Security novice, explaining how the system works. I was sort of proud of it.

Torture - We must have the highest of standards of conduct if we're fighting a war for freedom based on the fact that we hold the moral high ground. Torture can never be condoned.

Rick Santorum Is Evil - Because you can never hear it too many times.

The Economy - Come read with me as I try to puzzle out the intricacies of international economics!

Gay Marriage - The issue that got me interested in politics about a year and a half ago, and one that I still feel very strongly about today.

Tipping - Not a political post, but I thought it was cogent and well-written. You may as well.

Let the Pandering Officially Begin! - My take on faith and its role in life today. Another poorly titled post, and I apologize.

Assumptions - It might be better titled, as Mark Coffey at Decision '08 referenced it, "On the Need to Question Assumptions." This is one of my favorite posts, as it got me out of my comfort zone, so to speak.

Of Education and Politics - Sort of a sister post to the Assumptions post, this one examines the frequent assertion by conservatives that conservatives are systematically driven from educational careers.

Estate Tax - Sort of a litmus test post, so y'all can see how I feel about one of the day's hot-button issues.

The Lesson of Bubbles - Everybody claimed to have learned their lessons after the dot-com bubble of the late nineties, but it's happening again with real estate.

Anti-blogging - On the desperate need to be loved, accepted and recognized of the current crop of political bloggers. We all do it, and we're all secretly ecstatic when we get a link at a site that gets a lot more traffic than our own.

Stem Cell Research - Another hot-button issue post, just so you can see where I stand if you don't already know.

The Media - A controversial post, most certainly not my most coherent and well-written, but in it and the comments is the kernel of what I'm trying to say.

Gonzalez v. Raich - I just really like how well-researched this post is. And it was written earlier today.

I'll put better titles on the poorly titled ones when they're in the sidebar. Enjoy!