Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Consumer Reports recently did a study of different condom brands, checking for which were the best. At the same time, they did a study of other birth control methods, including abortion (both chemical and surgical). As you may be able to guess, one of my favorite websites, WorldNetDaily, took issue with this, claiming that Consumer Reports was advocating abortion. Wait, that's not quite right. The American Life League says that Consumer Reports is advocating killing.

There is a lively, ugly debate to be had on abortion in America, most of it centering around when life begins. But Consumer Reports gives information on options available. As this is one of the options, I fail to see exactly what the problem is.

"There were no details of the risks of abortion like breast cancer or
mental anguish, no pro-life alternatives like adoption, nothing," reader Marc
Smulowitz commented to WND. "Just a soulless 'consumer report' as if they were
recommending the acquisition of the latest blender."

I found this website detailing the links between abortion and breast cancer. That's from a pro-life website alleging media conspiracy in covering up the links between abortion and breast cancer. This one's from BreastCancer.org. It says that there's no link between abortion and breast cancer, and that's the same opinion as that of the National Cancer Institute's official study.

Sorry, WorldNetDaily, I think that the official sites on Breast Cancer and Cancer respectively win out over the American Life League's propaganda.