Monday, February 28, 2005

Of Chicken and Fish

I have a disturbing story to tell. Well, it's disturbing to me, at least.

I went out to a restaurant for lunch today called the Black River Barn. I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana Hero, and it came out and I started eating. I thought it tasted a little bit weird, but I was hungry and didn't really mind, even though I'd had better chicken parm before. Well, I got to the end of it, and I noticed that the consistency on the last piece of chicken was a little strange. Then I noticed a little bone in my mouth. Then I smelled it, and it smelled like fish. I got the waiter, and he took it back. Lo and behold, what I had gotten was a breaded piece of grilled tilapia fish, and I just didn't know it.

Now I guess it was just so smothered in sauce that I didn't notice, but it disturbs me a little bit that I didn't understand why it tasted weird until the end. I didn't even see the consistency of it until the end because the sauce was dripping over it. But I don't like fish very much, and I never would have ordered that in the first place. It disturbs me a bit that I ate the whole thing without realizing it.

Oh well.