Thursday, January 20, 2005

Democrats and Social Security

I just ran across this article on MSNBC, and I thought it was interesting. In it, they ask what the Democrats are prepared to offer as an alternative to Bush's plan. I know what it should be: Social Security.

Bush's plan is certainly not Social Security, much as he claims to want to "reform" the existing system. I know this even though Bush hasn't put out a plan. He wants to privatize, and that will end up destroying the system and driving the country into debt in short order.

So what are the Democrats dragging their feet on? Like Josh Marshall always says, we know the gist of Bush's plan, and that we don't support it. Why wait for him to put out the knuckleheaded specifics before outright opposing it? Better yet, why not beat him to the punch with a rock-solid proposal that shores up Social Security, in just that way that it's been periodically shored up since its inception?

Talk about personal accounts on top of Social Security, talk about investment and responsibility, etc. But for God's sake, talk. The Democrats who care about this issue can't afford to let Bush drag his feet and make the first move. By then, the public consciousness will be saturated with this talk of "crisis," and any Democratic plan will be too little too late.