Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bush & abortion

I've decided to start looking through the rest of the news, because my focus has been too tight on Social Security lately. I'm still going to keep tabs on it, and I'm still going to post on it, but as of right now, there's nothing new to say, and I feel like I've been letting down my faithful reader(s) with my lack of posts. So here's something new.

Bush publicly spoke by phone with a large group of abortion protesters, telling them that he shared their vision of protecting the vulnerable, and that he wanted to promote a "culture of life."

Of all the empty, meaningless pieces of rhetoric that the Bush Administration puts out, this one might be the one that pisses me off the most. He promotes a culture of life. So the Democrats must be promoting the opposite, right? A culture of death, right? It's so much passive-agressive political posturing nonsense, and it just makes me sad to see it perpetuated.

Interestingly enough, the article gives this excerpt:

"You know, we come from many, different backgrounds, but what unites us is our understanding that the essence of civilization is this: The strong have a duty to protect the weak," Bush said. He has said he supports a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion, but has not actively pushed for it.

So Bush, champion of the less-government Republican Party, supports not just one, but two constitutional amendments restricting personal freedoms by governmental means. I wish his supporters were in any way capable off seeing the hypocrisy here.

And "the strong have a duty to protect the weak," right? Unless, that is, that protection has anything to do with making sure senior citizens don't spend their final days in poverty. If they do, that's their own damn fault and they don't deserve protetction.

I have no smarmy closer. This just makes me sad.