Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It became hard for me to maintain a blog during the heat of the Presidential campaign. Both the primaries and the general. This happened for two reasons. First, I was often too busy paying close attention to every up-to-the-second detail that came up. Second, every time I wanted to say anything, someone had already said it, by and large. I felt like I didn't have anything unique to contribute to the conversation, so I just didn't really feel like putting anything out there, and preferred to just take it all in.

At this point, however, I feel like I'd like to get back into contributing. Reading a lot of opinion is all well and good, but it's left me feeling more passive than I'd like. Ultimately, I'd like to make this blog something a bit different from what it was when it started. I'd like to favor quality over quantity of posts, for the most part, and then occasionally do a "link dump" type of post where I pass on interesting stuff that I've been reading, likely on a variety of topics.

I hate these navel-gazing posts, and I know that I've promised resumption of posting in the past and haven't kept up with it, but it really is something I'd like to get back to. I can't make any promises, but I'll make the effort at least. Look for a post later today.