Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Reversal of Fortune

I just caught a pretty good flick last night, called Reversal of Fortune. It's about the Claus von Bulow case of the early '80s. I hadn't known much about it, but apparently the von Bulow trial was a very high profile affair in which Claus was accused of attempting to murder his wife, Sunny (who remains in a coma to this day, after almost 25 years).

Von Bulow was played by Jeremy Irons, who won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. Ron Silver (now a Bush activist, interestingly enough) played Alan Dershowitz, who some of you might remember as part of O.J. Simpson's "dream team" of lawyers in another high-profile wife murder case. Anyway, the point here is the the movie's worth watching. Irons' performance is outstanding, and the movie is quite ballsy in its ending, not wrapping things up in a nice little bow.

Anyway, this has been my token post about something not related to politics for the next few weeks. I'm sure after the debate tonight I'll have something to rant about. See you then!